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Trading Knowledge Test (coming soon)

Are you a beginner trader who is new to the Forex market? Perhaps you’re an intermediate trader who has demo traded or traded with micro-lots.Rr are you an seasoned Forex pro who is looking to refine your skills in the currency market?Answer this quick quiz and submit them at the bottom of the page. You’ll get instant feedback, and be emailed your full results.

Trader Personality Test (coming soon)

When traders run into emotional difficulties with their trading, very often there is a mismatch between the method or system they are trading and the trader’s lifestyle and personality. Instead of blaming themselves for lack of “discipline”, traders should question whether the challenge they have in following a certain methodology might be because the methods aren’t right for them. Finding the proper fit between who you are and how you trade is a big part of finding success in trading. This quiz by trading psychologist, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, will help you discover your trading personality.


Fate or Influence

Do you feel trapped by the stressful circumstances of your life? Or do you feel that anything is within your reach? Your locus of control, or how you see your ability to create change in your life, has a great deal to do with your stress levels, your happiness, and even your health. This 10-question quiz has been adapted from one by Elizabeth Scott, M.S. – coach, author and counsellor. and is designed to help you assess your habitual thinking styles and ways of viewing the world, and supply you with tools for creating a healthier, less stressed attitude. The ability to develop this type of personal responsibility is crucial to the elimination of emotional trading in a stress-free environment.


How Good Are You At Setting Goals? (coming soon)

Goal-setting is an important component of success, and none more than in trading financial markets. Set your goals too high and you may become frustrated and give up; aspire too low and you will never push yourself to reach your full potential. Take this test to find out whether your goal-setting attitude and behavior are conducive to success. Thanks to for designing this test.

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