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ROBOS 2017 AUDJPY M15 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

ROBOS 2017 AUDJPY M15 Fully Verified Results at 1% Risk



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News from the trading desk…

Anyone recognize this guy?

If you don’t, you should probably take the time to learn who he is, and what he achieved. His name is Andrea Unger and he is a Robbins World Cup of Trading champion.

Andrea was a student of legendary trader, Larry Williams. Larry is the father of actress, Michele Williams, who was the girlfriend of Heath Ledger at the time Heath died. The reason Larry is a trading legend is because he, too, won the Robbins World Cup. In 1987 he managed to turn a $10,000 account into over a million dollars inside 12-months. (Incidentally, Michelle also won the cup 10-years later as a 16 year old. She turned $10,000 into $100,000) Granted, it wasn’t a million dollars, but 1,000% ROI is still not too shabby for a teenage trader!

Getting back to Andrea though…

He didn’t just win the championship once. He did it three years in succession – 2008, 2009 and 2010!

In 2008, he made a whopping 672%, but take a look at the equity curve below. How many of you would have kept trading after that large initial draw-down? Well, Andrea did, and he collected his reward at the end of the year. Not the end of the week, or end of the month. He had faith in his system and stayed in for the long haul.


His 2009 results showed a really ugly curve, and he made ONLY 115% that year. Well how many of you guys would have liked to have gained a 115% return in the year following the Global Financial Crisis? At a time when everybody’s retirement savings were losing around 40 or 50% of their value, Andrea was steadily cleaning up a pretty sizeable profit.

2010 was no exception. Look at the peaks and troughs of the equity curve, yet this trader wasn’t fazed. He remained patient and disciplined, and received his reward at the end of the year.

This should be a valuable lesson in trader psychology for all aspiring traders. Trading success cannot and should not be measured on the basis of short-term results. It takes time, patience and discipline to achieve consistent returns. The importance of applying risk management and developing self-awareness can’t be overstated, and to achieve that, a trader needs experience, which means he or she actually has to dip their toe in the water, and start to trade. It’s the only way to become educated…

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