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Trading Results W/E 17 March 2017 - the forexistentialist
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Equity 170303


Trades: 4 / Winners:1 / Losers: 3 / Break Even: 0

Weekly Gain/Loss: -2.68%

ROBOS 2017 AUDJPY M15 Progressive Results at 2% Risk



Click here to see screenshots of every trade position from last week…

News from the trading desk…

This has been one of those weeks that I’m very happy to put behind me… and I’m not just referring to trading. On Thursday I entered hospital for hernia repair – one umbilical and two inguinal. I’d been down this road before, having made a relatively speedy recovery from a bilateral inguinal repair job back in 1996, so I thought I knew what to expect. From the experience of the earlier operation, I was prepared for some pain around the hip-flexors, but knew that walking as soon as possible after the op was the best therapy for quick recovery. This time around however, I’d underestimated two important, and highly relevant truths; one, I was 20 years older, and two, I’d dismissed the umbilical hernia repair as being rather minor in comparison to the bilateral groin repair.

Without going into too much detail, laproscopic umbilical hernia repairs involve cutting through the main abdominal fascia muscles. The abs are the major muscle group making up the body’s ‘core’, and as such, are employed in pretty much all body movement. Making incisions through these muscles results in considerable discomfort – certainly more than I’d anticipated – especially when attempting to get in and out of bed, or to and from a sitting position. Consequently, I have been rudely awakened from my dream of a quick recovery, à la 1996. Hence, I’m writing this weekly wrap on Sunday, under sufferance, from my bed at home. Very frustrating!

What has all this to do with this week’s results? Well, not a lot, although it did affect the amount of attention I was able to devote to the markets over the latter part of the week. It’s relevance relates more to a need to prepare for the unknown rather than the returns one might expect for a single week of trading. Trading requires diligent preparation for the unexpected, and a readiness to adapt to situations that may have been totally unanticipated. Not that this week’s trading results should have been a surprise. A quick look at the AUDJPY using higher timeframes clearly shows the pair has entered a relatively tight trading range over the past four weeks, and this contraction indicates an increased risk for traders. Trending markets are so much more predictable than those that are consolidating.

[wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_image link=”https://forexistentialist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/AUDJPYH4.png” width=”1400″ description=”Consolidation” source=”https://forexistentialist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/AUDJPYH4.png” width=”939″]

Anyway, while in hospital I was conversing with a Forexistentialist member, who is also about to undergo a hernia operation soon. All the best Ian, hope you were able to install the software okay, and best of luck for the 28th.

Now, back to my deep breathing exercises. ;-).

Check out my fully verified 1% risk account at myfxbook.com, and screenshots of all trades from last week below.

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