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Trading Results W/E 10 March 2017 - the forexistentialist
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Equity 170303


Trades: 6 / Winners: 4 / Losers: 2 / Break Even: 0

Weekly Gain/Loss: -1.45%

ROBOS 2017 AUDJPY M15 Progressive Results at 2% Risk



Click here to see screenshots of every trade position from last week…


News from the trading desk…

Another fluctuating week for the AUDJPY, punctuated by periods of high volatility, each followed by indecision and consolidation. Will interest rates rise or fall? Is the housing market about to crash? What will be the ramifications of the FWC’s penalty rates decision on consumer spending, and its flow-on effect to the Australian economy as a whole?

Of course, to answer these questions, and others, we would need a crystal ball, and sadly, I’ve misplaced mine. The next best thing I can find is a price chart, and although it won’t predict the future with any warranty attached, it will give me an insight into what the market THINKS might happen, at least in the short-term. In fact that’s why I trade short-term, 15-minute charts. It allows me to keep my risk low, and have the flexibility to make quick entry and exit decisions. Agility is one of the key components of a successful trader (along with patience, discipline and strong money management).

Anyway, the trading week ended on a huge high, with two consecutive winners on Friday, confirming the adage that “you’ve gotta be in it to win it.”

A reminder to ACTP Premium members that an update to the Forexistentialist Software package, including a new ROBOS-Alerts indicator, is now available to download from the Strategy Software download page (if you’re unsure of your membership level, you can check on the members’ login page). Also note that subscription to real-time SMS ROBOS entry signals are now ready to roll. Subscription options can be accessed on the Products & Services page.

So, all in all a great ROBOS week – six trades, four winners, and a 7.69% gain (less commissions) on last week’s equity balance for the 2% risk account. I’ll settle for those numbers any time.

Catch you all next week. Good trading…

Check out my fully verified 1% risk account at myfxbook.com, and screenshots of all trades from last week below.

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