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Trade Results W/E 8 April 2016 ~ the forexistentialist
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ROBOS AUDJPY M15: Trades: 8 / Winners: 3 / Losers: 5 / Break Even: 0

ESCALATOR EURUSD M15: Trades: 5 / Winners: 3 / Losers: 1 / Break Even: 1

ROBOS 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Escalator 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Click here to see screenshots of every trade position from last week…

News from the trading desk…

An interesting week to say the least. On a personal note, I’ve recovered from the ‘flu’, but unfortunately not the kidney stones. They need to be attended to, but thankfully, not with any urgency. So, on with the game…

Market volatility is currently at a 4-year high, and that is reflected in each of the strategies’ performances, with somewhat surprising results, particularly for ROBOS. Both strategies improved their returns on the previous week’s close – ROBOS up 2.35%, and EscM15 up 6.24% – however, when I review the past four weeks of ROBOS trades, I see the worst strike rate it’s experienced since conception. Since that time there have been 23 entries, 14 of which were losers. That’s a win rate of roughly 39%*, but get this – despite the high loss rate, return for the strategy in that period is a positive 9.41% (less commissions).

“How can that be?” you ask. Well, this clearly demonstrates the necessity of employing sensible Reward:Risk money management into the strategy. For every trade ROBOS loses, the account drops by 2.00%, however if both targets are hit, the profit is as high as 5.00%, meaning five consecutive losers can be recovered with as few as two winners.

Food for thought…

*Current 2016 ROBOS win rate is just over 54%. EscM15 is 62.5%, not including six breakeven trades.

Check out last week’s trades below. First ROBOS, and then the Escalator M15…

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