ROBOS AUDJPY M15: Trades: 1 / Winners: 1 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ESCALATOR EURUSD M15: Trades: 2 / Winners: 2 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ROBOS 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Escalator 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Click here to see screenshots of every trade position from last week…

News from the trading desk…

A good week, in fact a very good week for both strategies, despite it also being a monster news week, including Friday’s NFP. Only three trades entered (1xROBOS and 2xEscM15) but all were winners. ROBOS week-on-week gain was 3.37%, while the Escalator excelled with an increase of 5.66%.

U.S. election uncertainty is sure to cause extreme volatility next week, so no trading at all for me. I’ll re-evaluate next weekend, and make a decision for the following week, depending on the result. Catch you then…

Check out last week’s trades below. First ROBOS, and then the Escalator M15…

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