ROBOS AUDJPY M15: Trades: 3 / Winners: 3 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ESCALATOR EURUSD M15: Trades: 1 / Winners: 1 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ROBOS 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Escalator 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk


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News from the trading desk…

What a week! The commentators have been beside themselves trying to make sense of the staggering Donald Trump election win, and you can be certain that this analysis won’t abate anytime soon. I’m not going to add to the speculation other than to highlight the salutary lesson it teaches us all, and that is to always expect the unexpected. A flock of black swans maybe circling above – out of view perhaps, but never too far from the action, so take heed. If you wish to stay safe in such uncertain times, it’s critical you prepare for any eventuality, and that includes taking control of your financial investments by learning how to effectively manage risk and make the most of opportunities as they appear.

I stated in my last report that I wouldn’t be trading at all during the past week because I’d anticipated high volatility leading up to, and immediately following the U.S. election. Well, I actually did enter some positions, because the volatility wasn’t sustained:

  • Monday – Entered a long ROBOS position on the AUDJPY during the Asian session, before the U.S. and European markets had come online. The result? A 5.00% winner.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – Volatility enters the market in line with the election, and the spread widens. I stand aside for these two days.
  • Thursday – Volatility and spread return to pre-election levels, so I enter two textbook ROBOS positions on the AUDJPY – a short and a long – and both are 5.00% winners. I also enter a short position on the EURUSD using the EscM15 strategy, which manages to reach TP1, but then retraces back to SuperT resistance for a 0.81% gain.
  • Friday – No valid signals.

So, all in all, a brilliant week (for the strategies at least). What’s in store for the future? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I do know however that the future has become even more uncertain since Tuesday, 9 November 2016. Tin hats on guys, just in case a black swan swoops…

Check out last week’s trades below. First ROBOS, and then the Escalator M15…

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