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When traders run into emotional difficulties with their trading, very often there is a mismatch between the method or system they are trading and the trader’s lifestyle and personality. Instead of blaming themselves for lack of “discipline”, traders should question whether the challenge they have in following a certain methodology might be because the methods aren’t right for them. Finding the proper fit between who you are and how you trade is a big part of finding success in trading. This quiz, based on the Three Dimensions of Trader Personality assessment researched and devised by renowned trading psychologist, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, will help you discover your true trading personality.

The following questions are designed to help you assess facets of your personality that are related to the kinds of trading approaches likely to work for you. There are no right or wrong answers, and the questions are not designed to evaluate your emotional stability or mental health.

Your aim is to discover your personal style, so that you can match it to your trading style.

Each item consists of two or three statements. Please choose the statement that best describes you.



1.I’m not very time-oriented and often show up late to appointments and events.
2.When a problem occurs in my trading, I first try to focus on what went wrong and what I can do to fix it.
3.When I go out to eat, I like to try new and unfamiliar restaurants and foods.
4.I tend to be detail-oriented and try to get each aspect of a job done as well as I can.
5.If you could track my brainwaves as I’m trading, you’d see a pattern of worried or negative thoughts.
6.Assume you’re a car driver: You’d prefer a quiet, comfortable ride, or a fast, performance vehicle?
7.I’m great at following a diet and exercise program.
8.I find it hard to shake off setbacks in the market.
9.I like vacations that are peaceful and relaxing.
10.I get routine maintenance done on my car when it is scheduled.
11.Sometimes I feel on top of the world in the market, while at other times, I’m down or down on myself.
12.I would like a job with a start-up company that offers me a chance to get rich, even if I might get laid off if things don’t work out.
13.I try to eat healthy foods and get a good amount of exercise and rest.
14.I trade by ‘gut-feel’.
15.I try hard to avoid arguments and conflict.

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