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If you’re reading this post, you have probably also read my email explaining  the changes I propose making to both the ACTP course, and the ROBOS strategy – changes which, I’m sorry to say, have been painfully slow in implementation. Below I’ve outlined the main reasons for the delay and the reasons why I’ve cut back the number of ROBOS trades I’m currently taking. Rest assured I’m working to update as quickly as possible, however the changes will be significant, and even under normal circumstances, would take a considerable amount of time. I trust you’ll understand after reading the following…

In early 2016 I was diagnosed with stones in both kidneys – not an uncommon complaint and also a condition I’d experienced as a 15 year-old. Not serious, but also something that needed to be rectified. Lithotripsy was scheduled around mid-year, however that proved to be unsuccessful. Another, ultimately successful operation was scheduled for later that year to laser-blast the stones, but this was followed by a bout of post-anaesthetic-related pneumonia, which in combination, put me out of action for a couple of months. Then, in April last year I underwent surgery to repair three long-term abdominal hernias. Anyone who has had a hernia operation (I’d undergone surgery back in 1996 for exactly the same problem) knows that they can cause mobility issues for quite a while after the event, and this time, for me, was no exception. To complicate the issue, I almost immediately succumbed to a short, but painful bout of Diverticulitis, spending another five days in hospital as a result.

Despite these setbacks, I was able to keep trading the ROBOS strategy and continue to post regular results, after all, the strategy was designed to be pretty much set and forget. Work, for the most part, was able to continue without too much interference. But then I noticed the all-too-familair signs that one of the hernia repairs wasn’t progressing as it should. In fact it was looking a whole lot worse than it appeared BEFORE my original operation. I returned to my doctor for evaluation in October last year, and who immediately arranged for corrective surgery. An appointment was made with St. Vincents Hospital in Sydney for repair early November, 2017.

Believe me, I have a wonderful surgeon – he performs miracles each and every week with patients who are much, much sicker than me (for example, organ transplant recipients, etc). As such, he regularly performs life-saving procedures on people who are in desperate need of his skills and so I’m very fortunate that he will also take the time to operate on such routine procedures as my little old hernia. But with him being in such high demand, it also means that I risk being dropped down the priority list if and when a more urgent case presents itself. And of course this is exactly what happened… TWICE! Therefore the operation was rescheduled twice and as a consequence, I was only discharged from hospital today. More time away from work, meaning less time to concentrate on the important changes I need to make.

My purpose in writing this is not to garner support or sympathy. I’m fine, seriously. A tad sore I must admit, but otherwise feeling terrific and itching to launch myself back into work asap. I’m hopeful that you’ll accept the above explanation as an excuse for me for not updating you earlier on the changes I intend making to the program, along with a radical shift of style to my personal trading methodology. If you haven’t already done so, you can read about the whys and wherefores of these changes in this post.

Thank you for your patience,

Alan V.

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