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push signals to your smart phone
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Trades: 2 / Winners: 1 / Losers: 1 / Break Even: 0

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The following article has been extracted from a new ACTP online video course, currently in production. The updated course will contain over 80 video tutorials, along with accompanying text and step-by-step guides. I’ll keep you posted with further news as it gets closer to completion…

One of the problems with trading is that, for the most part, it’s quite a boring pastime. Unless you’re a high frequency scalper, you probably spend very little time actually making trades – well, at least you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time making trades. If you are, it possibly indicates you have a tendency to over-trade. Disciplined traders spend most of their work-time waiting for entry signals to materialise, rather than impulsively opening new positions.

Focusing on price action for long periods of time can be mentally tiring and cause loss of concentration. Besides, sitting for hours on end, staring at a computer screen is not my idea of a fun time, so in this short article I’ll show you how to avoid this situation by setting up your MT4 platform to receive an alert every time a trading signal occurs, and when a position has been opened or closed.

Before we start, two caveats: Using the following method, all trade entries and exit alerts will be sent to your mobile device, but you can only receive entry signals if your indicator or Expert Advisor code is configured to send alerts.

Secondly, there are two ways that MT4 can send alerts to your mobile device – by email, or by (virtually instant) ‘push’ notification. In this post I’ll show you the best and fastest method to get signals delivered by having your desktop or VPS-based MT4 platform ‘push’ the trade alerts directly to a MetaTrader app sitting on your mobile device. The caveat is that, while most of the top brokers offer this feature, there are a few who don’t. If your broker is one who doesn’t offer the app, and you’re not willing to change brokers, then you’ll have to rely on the slower email method (not explained in this post), or alternatively, just keep sitting in front of your computer, watching the charts.

So, assuming your broker offers ‘push’ notifications, you’ll first need to download the MT4 mobile version from the app store, whether IOS or Android.

iphone6+_MT4PushApp_Get iphone6+_MT4PushApp_Server2 Once installed, open it up and agree to allow MetaTrader to send you notifications.


In the window that opens, press on the settings link in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Once there, select ‘Trade Accounts’,


and when that window opens, press on the plus sign (+) top-right.


Select ‘Login to an existing account’ (assuming you already have one). You can sign in with either a live or demo account.


Enter your brokers name in the server field…


…and select the appropriate server from the list. My broker is FXCM, so their servers are displayed. Your display will show the servers available from your particular broker.


If you’ve forgotten your server’s name, you can find it by returning to your main MT4 platform. In the menubar, navigate to Tools > Options and select the Server tab.


Sign into your account using your usual login details.


Once you’ve connected, press on the settings button again.


When the window opens, select Messages…


…and take note of your MetaQuotes ID at the bottom of the window. This is your unique, personal identifier and must be inserted into your MT4 desktop application.


To do that, return to your main MT4 platform, navigate to Tools > Options, and click on the Notifications tab. Check the ‘Enable Push Notifications’ and ‘Notify of trade transactions’ boxes checked. The latter will allow MT4 to relay alerts for the opening and closing of trade positions, along with any trailing stop loss action you might have set up. In the MetaQuotes ID field, enter the unique code from your MetaTrader mobile app…

Notifications Tab

…and hit the test button. Hopefully a window will open confirming the Notification was successfully queued, and is ready to be sent.

Notifications Tab_Success

In the Terminal panel at the bottom of your screen you should see a confirmation that the message was sent to the MetaQuotes ID corresponding to the MetaTrader app on your mobile device.


That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

BTW, ACTP members can download the updated ROBOS-Alerts indicator (with push notification activated) from this location.

Check out last week’s trades below…

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