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Well, it’s taken some time, but it’s finally complete. The new FlexiTrade Position Manager V1.4 is ready to download, along with the new Escalator indicator package and strategy files, all optimised for H1 charts.

The files can be downloaded free (for ACTP members and 10-lesson Private Mentoring clients) from the Escalator tutorial module of the Advanced Currency Trader Program online course. Note that you must be an ACTP member to access this page. If you are not an ACTP member, you can still purchase the FlexiTrade EA (without the Escalator component) from the Products & Services page, or you can buy the whole ACTP course and receive the EA and Escalator software totally free of charge.

If you are an ACTP member (or believe you should be) and cannot access the download link, please contact me asap. It’s important, however, that all technical support issues, including those relating to installation, are submitted via the Members’ Support Forum. You will need to be logged in to open a topic.

The updates to the Escalator strategy and the FlexiTrade EA include major changes, including the addition of trend filters and, in the case of the FlexiTrade EA, the incorporation of the SuperT indicator. Also included in the combo package is a proprietary indicator I had developed a few years ago called the VT_VelocityTrend. I now use this indicator for all Escalator signal confirmation. I’m sure you’ll love it!

The new FlexiTrade Position Manager may be used on two devices and requires user authorisation. This is accomplished by entering into the EA properties, two unique serial numbers (one per device) you will receive in the download email. It is highly recommended you save one of these numbers for exclusive use on a VPS. Please keep these numbers securely stored. Full installation instructions can be found here.

Let me know how you go – just post a new topic in the forums, and remember to subscribe. I’m looking forward to your comments.

Alan V.

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