ROBOS AUDJPY M15: Trades: 5 / Winners: 2 / Losers: 3 / Break Even: 0

ESCALATOR EURUSD M15: Trades: 5 / Winners: 4 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 1

Scroll down to see screenshots of all trades last week’s trades…

Jan 2013 – Dec 2014 Results at 2% Risk (2% TP)
ROBOS 2015 Results at 2% Risk (2% TP)
ROBOS 2015 Results at 5% Risk (2% TP)

ROBOS 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Escalator 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Hello all…

ROBOS went through a lean period at the start of the week, experiencing three straight losers. Remember though, that each trade risks just 2% of the account equity, so that meant a drawdown of 6%. However, the last two trades of the week both reached TP2, making each of them full 5% gains.

So, by the end of the week, instead of a 6% drawdown, the account saw a 4% gain, despite a 2W/3L strike rate. Moral? Reward:Risk is (or should be) a powerful component of any strategy’s profitability potential.

Good luck for the coming week…

Check out last week’s trades below. First ROBOS, and then The Escalator…

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