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Forexistentialist Trade Results W/E 4 Mar 16 - the forexistentialist
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ROBOS AUDJPY M15: Trades: 2 / Winners: 2 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ESCALATOR EURUSD M15: Trades: 3 / Winners: 3 / Losers: 0 / Break Even: 0

ROBOS 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Escalator 2016 Progressive Results at 2% Risk

Click here to see screenshots of every trade position from last week…

News from the trading desk…

There were only five trades in total this week (2 ROBOS and 3 EscM15) due to it being a big news week for both the AUD and USD. Frankly, I’ll take that any week if I get the same result. Five trades, five straight winners! Can’t do any better than that…

I’ve had some questions this week about how to set alerts on the strategies so you don’t have to sit continually at the computer. This topic is covered in the ACTP online course (you need to be a member to access), but next week I’ll write a brief instruction guide here, along with a technique I use to get into a trade that I may have missed.

Catch you then…

Check out last week’s trades below. First ROBOS, and then the Escalator M15…

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