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ATTN Non-Members: Why you should take this course (apart from the fact it’s FREE).

Knowledge is power, and this is no more apparent than when trading Forex. The world’s financial markets are littered with the remains of long deceased trading accounts, usually the result of too much exuberance and too little discipline. The Advanced Currency Trader Program is a comprehensive training course designed by a professional trader who learnt from the ground up. This course is free of charge to members (and membership is free). It includes a library of training videos along with accompanying text. Simply register as an ACTP member to receive instant access.

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Are You Ready To Take Your Forex Education to the Next Level?

Despite most new participants treating it as such, trading Forex is not a game. For every winner, there must be a loser, and most new traders don’t really understand how the markets work – how the pros make their millions. They don’t realise that professional traders actually feed off the uneducated, inexperienced and undisciplined.

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That’s how they make their money. That’s how they live. It’s a fact!

So, on which side of the fence do you want to sit? Silly question really, isn’t it? Who would want to be a bunny, lined up in some pro trader’s gun sights? I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume that you wouldn’t want to be the target! Right?

Well, of course you have a choice! You can either join all the other market bunnies by going it alone and attempting to learn by trial and error, or you can accelerate your learning curve by being professionally coached by someone who knows the the business – and the tricks. Someone who’s had his pockets picked by the pros, before learning the skills for himself. A trader who’s been there, done that! A mentor who can speed up your progress exponentially by:

  • MentorshipIcon5identifying the weakest areas of your trading technique
  • helping you overcome psychological roadblocks
  • targeting strategies that suit your unique trading personality
  • keeping you positive and motivated during difficult or volatile periods
  • developing a trading plan, specific to your lifestyle

If you’re serious about achieving success in the Forex market, and learning to trade via the fastest method possible, you should seriously consider a personal mentor.

Being personally coached is by far the most cost-effective method of learning. In fact, a package of 10 x one-hour lessons will cost you less than it would to service your car. Check it out here and treat yourself to a pleasant surprise. Packages start at just AU$66 per hour, including GST.

In the meantime, pour yourself a cuppa, sharpen up your pencil, and get ready to learn the theory, strategies and practical application of the Advanced Currency Trader Program.

  • Trading systems for all market conditions and experience levels.
  • All encompassing training modules in a convenient online format.
  • Risk and money management an integral part of the education.
  • Learn to trade the Asian, London and US market sessions.
  • Interactive online live training course teaches the ACTP systems and strategies.

This is a program that can give you the edge you need to become a professional Forex trader. To start learning, click on the topics in the sidebar to the left.

Happy trading…

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