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September 2014 - the forexistentialist
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New Indicator, New Strategy, New FlexiTrade

It may appear to many that I’ve been flying under the radar of late, but I can assure you that I’ve had my head down and working hard to complete the website and develop new strategy software. I have some significant news relating to Escalator operational...

Why Trading Rooms Don’t Work

At first glance, online trading rooms appear to be an ideal way for new traders to get an inside view of how professionals actually go about the business of trading financial markets. Where else can ’newbies’ obtain real-time market experience, free from the inherent...

Decisions, Decisions: Mechanical Or Discretionary?

This is an extract from the Discretionary Vs Mechanical Trading Strategies lesson in the ACTP online course. The battleship that is the Forex market depends upon a steady stream of new traders climbing aboard, because for every shiny new Forex sailor who signs up for...
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